About The Artist

Vidar Lien Art


, a Norway—Miami—based interdisciplinary artist graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in Glasgow, Scotland.

Art and creativity have played a great part in Vidar's life since early childhood. His passion for art developed into a full-time profession in early 2020.

He previously worked as a commercial artist in the field of visual communications in multiple demographic markets for global brands. He held roles as Art Director, Creative Director, Marketing Director, and VP.

Alongside Vidar's professional career, he periodically worked with Pushwagner (1997-2010), an important Norwegian contemporary artist at the beginning of his rise to fame.

Inspired by years of work behind the scenes for Pushwagner (Terje Brofos), he gained a deep understanding of a variety of art techniques, color usage, and printing at a large scale.

Today Vidar combines his reservoir of techniques and knowledge in his art projects. 

Other notable projects, Vidar is working on a socially engaged art project Lifeboat Around the World together with his partner. 

They are converting a free-fall lifeboat into a floating art studio and home which will take them around the world while offering art programs in ports, local children's homes, schools, and other venues, as well as in remote areas, where art education and materials alike are limited.

While the build is in process and in order to contribute locally, Vidar recently became the chairman of the local art association.

Through Vidar's art projects, his aim is to awaken the general public’s interest and knowledge of their own culture and the wider world — through art.  


Public collections > purchased by 

Fram Museum, Oslo, Norway
Aust-Agder museum and archive IKS (Ibsen museum & Hamsun museum)
Agder County Municipality - Art Association
Kilden Theatre in collaboration with the county of Vest-Agder, Vest-Agder museum, Vest-Agder Museum, the public library, Vilhelm Krag association, and Visit Sorlandet, among others.


07.03.2023; Vidar becomes chairman of the board at Grimstad art association

05.12.2022; Norway is a small country. Vidar has taken non-traditional choices

30.11.2021; Vidar makes great success with pop art 



31.05.2024; Pop Art Exhibition, Street Art Norge, Oslo

13.04.2024; Grimstad Kunstforening, Grimstad 

H Haavik Rammer & Kunst, Kristiansand

11.11.2022; Grimstad Kunstforening, Grimstad

01.06.2022; H Haavik Rammer & Kunst, Kristiansand

10.02.2022; Galleri Wattø, Oslo

01.08.2021; Fram Museum, Oslo

01.07.2021; H Haavik Rammer & Kunst, Kristiansand

01.12.2021; Oddensenteret, Grimstad