Time Machine

"Time Machine" might take you on a futuristic journey, trigger thoughtful reflections, or simply catching your attention because you love cows.

  • Limited Edition of 75
  • Sheet Size 70x70 cm


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  • Vidar, a Norway—Miami-based interdisciplinary artist graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in Glasgow, Scotland.

    Vidar has been working as a full-time artist since 2020 after a relatively hectic career in the field of viusual communications.

  • Besides that, Vidar periodically worked with Pushwagner (1997-2010), an important Norwegian contemporary artist at the beginning of his rise to fame.

    Today Vidar combines his reservoir of techniques and knowledge in his art projects. 


Work in progress!

Commissioning Art

Named Norway's best restaurant with a focus on local ingredients.

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Other Art Projects

Lifeboat Around the World, a Socially Engaged Art project together with Daniela Yume — in the works.