Art Techniques

All of Vidar's artworks are drawn by hand. He often combines traditional (analog) and digital art techniques. This art process is often referred to as Mixed Media, D.G.A (Digital Graphic Art), and Digital Fine Art Print.

Mixed media describes works of art where more than one medium or material has been applied. Mixed media artworks are one-off originals.

Vidar's mixed media pieces are usually completed on canvas. He's usually apply similar techniques working on his limited edition prints series as when working with mixed media pieces. The main difference is that limited edition prints are printed on paper. 

These art processes were early utilized by well-known artists such as Andy Warhol and have recently become widely used in fine arts.

Pushwagner is among Norwegian artists who worked extensively with D.G.A. The difference between D.G.A and serigraphy is mainly how the colors (ink) are applied to the paper.

Vidar also works with materials such as oil or acrylic paint.


Approach Fine Art Prints:

Drawing (pencil/pigment marker) on paper. The drawing is then digitized using a scanner. The colors are being applied digitally. 

All art pieces are made with high-quality materials and state-of-the-art printing processes. Including Giclee fine art print (pigment inks) and Hahnemühle (210-308 gsm) art paper.